What's Next?

What's Next?

Earlier this month, Solus partnered up with two Cape Town based brands; Horizen Gym & Y Not, to host an open day for a Cape Town community looking to hear more on holistic health & wellness.

The mission for the day was to reaffirm the brands and what they stood for, which was distilled down into a four part matrix, with each brand representing a different pillar.

How does an activewear brand, a gym and a supplement company come together?

Although Solus, Horizen, and Y Not each provide different services and products, each brand represents part of holistic health. We broke holistic health into 4 major pillars; movement, mindset, nourishment, and play.

Horizen Gym: Movement

Sebastian Prentice, owner of Horizen, described movement as being one of the strongest catalysts for improving people’s lives. Movement can make you feel good. Movement gives you the confidence & validation that you are capable of doing difficult things.

In a world filled with cheap highs & cheap dopamine, movement is one of the best ways to truly earn your “high”. Daily movement is the simplest form of self-care and provides a predictable element to a life filled with unpredictability.

Solus: Mindset

Mindset is the way we view ourselves and the world around us. It’s how we decide to respond to situations. It’s how we show up for the people around us. It’s our attitude, and Solus’s attitude is one of boldness and confidence. Solus translates to “standing alone or unaccompanied”, which can be a tough thing to do. So we wanted to help our community to nurture a mindset to stand alone, away from the crowd, by building belief and confidence in yourself. We believe in human potential, and we believe in the potential that lives in you to be better every day.

It doesn’t matter what you have achieved or you’re trying to achieve. Results come from building a determined mindset and years of dedication, and we want our brands to help you build that mindset.

Y Not: Nourishment

Nourishment the importance of what we actually put into our bodies. The reason we chose the word nourishment is because what you put into your body, and what you expose yourself to goes beyond just the physical nutrition. It includes the type of people you surround yourself with, the conversations you engage in, and the content you consume. Nourishment isn’t only about how you feed your body, its about how you feed your mind.

Holistic Health

To embrace health and wellness is to be empowered to live life fully. To really be able to enjoy what life has to offer, without hindrance. Practicing proper stress management. Being fully present when you’re working. Feeling energised & switched on because you are feeding yourself the right foods. Finding fulfilment in your life because you have taken time to explore what it is that excites you most, and you’ve found time to play…

What's Next: Play

The main reason we wanted to amalgamate the brands is because we wanted to create a space for our community to play. When playing, we take risks - we put ourselves out there because failure is less consequential if we fail while playing. Taking risks opens us up to creativity, new learnings and the development of grit which is important for growth. So we decided to create a club; What’s Next?

So, What’s Next?

What’s Next is a club that is centred around the pillars our brand stands for. The club will curate a collective of events where our community can experience fresh ways of playing whilst building holistic health.

Being based in Cape Town, we are blessed with a truly diverse playground; the mountains, the oceans, the city and each space provides a different experience.

We’re looking forward to building a thriving community of people who want to level up their health.

Look out for our first event, launching the 1st week of May...








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